Big night out? Beach vacation? Just to perk-up that mid-winter, pasty skin? All great reasons for an all-natural Norvell Spray Tan at FITmixx. Shannon Palagiano, an experienced certified Norvell Spray Tan Technician, knows how to get your skin looking smooth, healthy and sun-kissed.

Skinny Tan Full Body
Made with pure tanning ingredients including Guarana, a naturally-derived cellulite agent and Norvell signature moisturizers; all to bring you the best color…no orange!

In Studio: $45
In Home: $55

Natural Organic Glow Norvell Spray Tan
Norvell’s alcohol-free Award Winning Organic Solutions utilize micro-nutrient technology to deliver a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s glow. This formula works with all skin types regardless of color tone, creating a customized shade of bronze for each individual client.

In Studio: $35
In Home Tan: $45


  • Spray Tan Prep

    • If you are having a spray tan for a special occasion, it is best to be sprayed one to two days before the event to ensure you’re happy with your color.
    • If you’re planning your spray tan for an event. Get your mani/pedi beforeyou have your spray tan.
    • If you’re coming to a spray tan appointment after work, bring baby wipes or wet ones to remove deodorant or moisturizers before your spray tan.
    • Inform whoever is spraying you of any dry skin areas, broken or abraded skin, wounds and allergies.
    • Prior to your tan (preferably a full day before), be sure to shower and exfoliate your skin. While exfoliating pay close attention to your knees, elbows and ankles. This way your tan will go on even and your skin will absorb the color evenly.
    • Don’t use deodorant before your spray tan appointment as it will provide a barrier to the spray tan’s absorption.
    • Do not moisturize before your tan. It will prevent absorption of the spray tan.
    • Shave or wax at least 24 hours prior to your tan appointment. If you shave or have hair removal after the tan, it will remove the tan.
    • Remove all jewelry prior to a spray tan and leave them off for at least 8 hours after.
    • Be sure to wear dark, loose clothing to and from your appointment to avoid staining lighter-colored clothes.
    • Wear underwear that you don’t mind getting stained.
    • Don’t tint eyebrows the same day you tan — it can interfere with the spray.
  • 24 Hours After Your Tan: What do I do?

    • When possible, try to wear thongs home from your spray tan appointment to avoid boots /socks/stockings which may rub off the tan solution.
    • Don’t get wet for 1–2 hours after your spray tan. If it’s raining make sure you bring a large enough umbrella to cover you.
    • Don’t partake in any activities that will cause excessive sweating for 12 hours after your spray tan. Yes, that means no working out. If you know you’ll be getting a tan, workout the days prior as to not feel guilty that your missing your workout.
    • Avoid spraying perfume or applying moisturizer to your face or body until after you have washed the spray tan off.
    • For at least 12 hours after your tan, try to avoid activities that naturally exfoliate the skin, such as baths and chlorinated pool swimming.
    • If you are going on holidays and will be swimming in a chlorinated pool, use a tan extender like Jergen’s Natural Glow to prolong your tan.
  • The Shower

    • The longer you wait to shower, the longer that tan will last. For maximum results, wait 24 hours before showering. This will allow your skin to absorb the color better and longer.
    • The first time you shower after your tan:
    • Don’t use hot water, the cooler the better.
    • Don’t use soap, just rinse your body.
    • Don’t shave.
    • You can wash and condition your hair, but try not to get too much soap on your body or stay under water for too long. You don’t want to wash off the excess tan color.
    • During your first shower, the runoff water will be tinted brown. Don’t panic. Your tan is not washing off, it’s just the top layer of excess bronzer. The spray tan stays on your skin and develops further over the next 12 hours.
    • After a shower, try to gently pat your skin dry and avoid vigorous rubbing when towel drying.
    • After showering off the spray tan, it may seem that the color has disappeared, but the color will continue to develop and process over a period of 12 hours.
  • Increase the Life of Your Tan

    • Keep your skin as moisturized as possible after your spray tan to increase the life and evenness of the tan. If your skin gets dry, the tan will wear off in patches due to dry skin.
    • Daily use of a tan extender will extend the longevity of your tan.
    • Avoid excessive hand washing prior to washing spray tan bronzer off. Baby wipes or Wet Ones are a good solution to keep your hands clean. If your hands look blotchy your spray tan won’t look natural.
    • After your tan try to use shower gel. Harsh soap and exfoliating scrubs will wash off the tan.
    • To prolong your spray tan, try not to use band-aids, pore strips or face masks, as they may remove tan as you rip or wash them off.
    • If you’re going on a vacation to a tropical destination, remember that bug spray removes or fades your tan if it’s applied directly to your skin. The best way to stay protected is to spray your clothing or a cloud of spray that you can walk through instead of applying it directly to the skin.
  • Time to Wash It Off

    • When your tan is ready to be removed, it’s best to take a nice shower using good exfoliation mitts. After the shower, be sure to moisturize.
    • Keep in mind that your face will always be the first area to fade. You wash it more frequently and use of makeup.